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get wed un-Wedding by entwine

wow. It’s amazing to see months of hard work and anticipation finally come to fruition. My friends and I put together a fake wedding this past Saturday, and it was flawless. Not a single hiccup thanks to the lovely talents of Lauren and Molly from Hourglass Productions. My design talents were used to create all […]

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Magnum wool

frog & knit

I’ve heard that to truly enjoy knitting, you have to accept the fact that there will be times when you have to undo quite a bit of work and be able to undo it without getting frustrated to the point of quitting. I’m there. And I do it often. The worst frogging I experienced was […]

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3 months, 10 days & 225 pictures

Remember how I posted how to process pics through IG without posting last week? Well, that is how I spent my Wednesday morning. I usually go with an urge if its going to let me be creative and make stuff, so work slid to the wayside. Last summer I had a heck of a time […]

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