Lalaloopsy Birthday! Part 4: Lalaloopsy Hair Tutorial

Since I’m such a crafty person, I chose to make the girls’ costumes this year. How hard can it be to make a pirate princess and a Lalaloopsy doll? Apparently, harder than I thought. Oh well. It was still a whole lot cheaper to make the costumes than to buy them, and I think my versions are much cuter!

Lalaloopsy yarn hair wig

Enter my chance to do a craft tutorial post! Yay! I am terrible at taking photos while creating. (I wish I had a professional photographer following me around all the time to snap me while I’m in the zone, but that’s just not happening now, is it?) So, I have taken some photos after the fact, and hope that my clear instructions will be enough to get you through it.

How to make a Lalaloopsy Wig:

1. Supplies: yarn (1 skein of cheap RED HEART acrylic is what I used), Extra-wide plastic headband, Deco Flex Tubing¬†(I snagged a bag at Michael’s and it was enough for one head full), Hot glue gun, scissors, patience.

2. Prep: My headband had fabric on it already, so I didn’t need to prep it. If yours doesn’t have a covering, you may want to add one now.

3. Try on the headband and measure from the back edge to a little-longer-than-comfortable bang length in the front. Cut a bunch of pieces of yarn this length and set aside. I think I used about 70.

4. Measure and cut the tubing. I had to do this as I went, because this stuff tends to lengthen and thin out as you wind the yarn around it. I had a bunch of tiny pieces I had trimmed towards the end because they got too long.

5. Next, glue the set aside pieces of yarn, side-by-side on the headband for “bangs.” One end sitting at the back edge of the headband, the other hanging down the front. Once again, I had to try it on over and over until I got enough on there.

6. After I had enough yarn glued down, I wound yarn around the rest of the ends of the headband for a finishing touch. Hot glue at both ends to secure.

7. Now comes the tricky part. (I hope you had a good nap and you’re thinking cap is on)

8. Take your first piece of tubing that you measured out, and make a thin line of hot glue around the top edge of it. Take the yarn from the skein and lay it neatly over the edge leaving a bit of a tail and wrapping it loosely around. Now, continue winding the yarn around the piece, somewhat snugly. It helped me to wrap quickly in a spiral a few times, then scrunch it all back together to cover the tube. Continue in this fashion until the entire piece is covered. Make another line of glue around the tip, and coil the yarn up inside the tube. Set aside, or glue to the headband. (Since this was my first try, i glued as I went.)

Yarn hair tutorial

9. Continue winding and gluing until you are happy with the fullness and shape of the “wig.”

10. I had to glue a few pieces of the hair together in the back to mimic the “wig” shape, I just used my best judgement and made them fit together.

11. Once the actual wig part is constructed, it’s time to shape the bangs! I used Aleene’s Stiffen Qwik spray, and a balloon as a form. Just keep spraying and smoothing until it’s stiff and shaped. Let dry.

yarn wig tutorial stiffen

12. Top it off with a bow and you are done! You have made a cute and somewhat easy Lalaloopsy wig!

In actuality, this only took me about 3 or 4 hours to complete, including making dinner and chasing after my two little ones in the process. Not too shabby.

Hope it’s helpful. Email me, or post a comment¬†if you have any questions, and I will try my best to get you through it. :)

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