donut party day 2: party photos

I love looking at people’s party photos. I get so inspired by what people have done with their parties. Now, it’s my turn to share some inspiration!

These are the shots I took of my tables before the guests arrived. I realized later that I was missing a few of the food and drinks, but figure those aren’t that important. So without further ado:

donut party cake

My donut “cake” or tree, was inspired by One Charming Party. My husband is better in the kitchen than I am (he’s a sushi chef,) so he covered the cone with chocolate ganache the day before the party, and we used toothpicks to attach the donuts the morning of the party. I topped a few of them off with coordinating flags.

donut party food

We kept it super simple to reduce cost and clean up. Donuts, milk and juice for the kids. Coffee and breakfast sandwiches for the adults that were brave enough to stay.

donut party table sign

donut party sign and tree

felt donut wreath

pencil and notepad favors


See the rest of the party photos here: invitefavorsdecoractivities


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