space party day 4: activities and shop update

I promised a more detailed run down of  the space party activities, so here it is.

21 kids and three activities. I divided the kids into groups of 7, counting off each kiddo 1,2,3 so they knew which group they were in. Then set them loose.

Group 1: Make a Slime Alien

alien party favor

Food Tubs, Elmer’s Glue, Borax, warm water, measuring cups and spoons, bowls and cups, food dye, super fuzzy pipe cleaners, scissors, googly eyes, sticky dots, chain, tag printable (available in the shop,) paper, iron-on vinyl


- This is a time consuming activity. Get plenty of volunteers. 2-3 adults per 10 kids

- Use this tutorial on how to make slime

- Have one person pouring, one person mixing, and one person helping with the construction of the alien

- have extra tags ready for typos

- mixer should wear gloves to protect their skin from neon colors

- Stir the glue-water-dye mixture before adding the borax-water mixture

- if you have water left over in your mixture, try again, the slime will be less slimy and more brittle

- this stuff is fun and addictive for kids, they will be distracted for awhile after making


Group 2: Pin the Rocket on the Planet



Backdrop, craft foam, masking tape, blindfold


- This is a super short activity, maybe add a game section with multiple games

- give prizes immediately upon winning

- add a sun to your mini solar system in order to make it more difficult. Land on a sun, get burned

- 2 helpers would be good for this

Group 3: Blast an Alien Hoard

alien balloon party game

Supplies: helium filled balloons and ribbons, packing tape, paper eyeballs (available in the shop) or marker to draw faces, nerf guns and darts, refrigerator box for background


- no need for the extra float

- this takes 2-3 people to set up

- balloons can hang normally, or sideways (I matched my invitation alien by moving the “legs” to the side of the balloon)

- girls have more fun with this than boys

- the more guns and ammo available, the better

- another helper to load darts is also recommended

- backdrop can be painted for more space fun (ran outta time)


That wraps up the Space Party of the year! In case you missed the other posts, here they are:


Party Photos



If you have any questions or would like more ideas, contact me!

Have a great weekend and be sure to visit the shop to download the printables for this party!



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